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SRSLY ZAYN FANFICS ARE GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF ME. First one night zayn, Eleanor is zayn’s sister. Second chills zayn, Devon is his fucking brother. And last laced zayn found out that abby is fucking gone with harry!? WTF WTF LITERALLY ZAYN FANFICS ARE THE BEST WEY HEY .


come take my pulse  by nicheinhischest has been one of my favorite Ziall fics I’ve read so far.

If you haven’t read it, you should go do so.  Right now.

”Everything’s always better when the sun comes up,” Niall says, idly drawing a Z on Zayn’s elbow. Or an N. It’s hard to tell. “Sorta funny, when you think about it - whole world’s fucking dead, but the sun still rises and sets like nothing’s changed. The predictability is nice.”

Zayn sighs and tells him tiredly, “Y’know, you say eerily cheerful things for someone who bashed a zombie’s face in with a golf club today.” 

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